Rearview - The 25th Celebrations - October 2020

In 2020 the Club reached a significant milestone, 25 years. Despite many challenges such as the Covid-19 lockdown, we celebrated the Club's Birthday in October. Special limited edition merchandise was created for this year - caps, pans, decals and car badges.

The celebrations took place over three events during the weekend. It was very special to have so many past members take part. Among these, the Club's first president, the first member to sign up, and several others. The three events held were:

17 Oct 2020 - The 25th Birthday Run

With a few rainy days preceding, the run day turned out to be perfect. Over 40 cars were signed up for the afternoon outing. The run was very well organised by Rod & Shirley. It included a Straight Line section in Pukete, the suburb which is the birthplace of our Club. The route then headed out North and veered Eastward, through beautiful countryside along the quieter roads to the Mangateparu Hall, where excellent refreshments just kept on coming out of the kitchen. Only one breakdown a few kilometers from the end was quickly fixed with many helping hands.

18 Oct 2020 - Show & Shine at the Classics Museum

This event sparked a lot of interest and about 40 cars were registered. There were some drive-ups, but no form, no evaulation. 42 cars plus 2 firetrucks filled up the parking lot at the Museum, arranged in rows by age category. These were Pre-1960, 1961-1969, 1970-1981 and 1982-2000. The event garnered a lot of interest from the public and our members. Rosettes were awarded - two Gold, one Silver and a Bronze per category. One gold for Restored and one for Daily Driver.

18 Oct 2020 - 25th Birthday Dinner at Vilegrad Winery

There was a fair bit of consternation when our original venue, hard found after much legwork, fell through due to Covid-19. With uncertainty in the air and the Birthday looming ever closer, Vilegrad was suggested, approached and secured. In the end, this turned out to be the best venue we could imagine! So all the consternation was a blessing in disguise.

In the end a few people could not attend the Dinner for various reasons. The evening saw a huge turnout of 110 persons. The meal was excellent, the charity auction raised over $800. Prizes were awarded for the run and for the show & shine. Memorabilia and photos were on display.