Auto News

To help us all get through the lockdown, here are some bits of news and fun clips from the automotive world. I removed the white and yellow chevron, as by this point we are all sick and tired of seeing it everywhere.

All those big screens in modern cars - the manufacturers are just getting started, but they are a big problem. An article on Slate.com has more of the »story.

Some of you may recall the Club Night about tyre recycling, or the lack thereof. Here is a frame from a video about a field of tyres on fire in Malaysia.

An unfortunate end for the Guinness World Record longest limo.

Jay Leno's Garage featured a look at the brand new 2022 Mercedes S-class EQS:
»YouTube video [41 minutes]
A future classic being written into automotive history. Note that in the USA car models for the next year arrive around July/August of the previous year.
»Wikipedia article about the EQS.

This is one tough offroad Miata.

This is one cool ride. It is a 1940's retro inspired EV race car, the Helvezzia Tipo 6, from Yanko Design. Price, can't find one, but I am sure if you have to ask then you cannot afford one.

In the time before we had GPS

When the Amish come to the Speedway

Who of you watch your odometers?

She is keeping score!

Enough money for a Tesla-X but not enough sense to close the door, and Elon's autobot did not autoclose it either:

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