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Some video finds on Youtube: "The Evolution Of Automotive Paint" on »The Evolution Of Automotive Paint and also a massive collection of 4000 Japanese cars and 300 Westphalias(VW) in Virginia: »Hagerty's "Barn Find Hunter" episode 115.

A rather special Royal Rover is on auction in the »UK. (Drive AU, 02 June 2022)

Owning an old car can be an adventure. Norman Garrett (who was the Concept Engineer for the original Miata back in the day) owns a Porsche 914 and his article on how to steal it (good luck) is a good read and can be found on Hagerty's website: »"A few things to know before stealing my 914".

Is this the »greatest car ever made? …not your vanilla variety Toyota… the Lexus LFA.
And of course, »Clarkson! has his surprising opinion of it.
To finish off the other end of the scale, »30 worst cars of all time. {all three videos are on Youtube}

Who loves Formula One and the world of car racing? Here is an excellent video on Youtube: »Behind Some Of The Worst Racing Crashes In History. A tale of how crashes have brought about huge leaps in safety and car technology.

There is a huge crisis in the auto industry - a shortage of chips. Here are some articles on the subject. Fortune ran story back on »31 May 2021 and another one critical of the automakers on »19 Sep 2021. »Jalopnik now say "it's not that simple."

Update - Ford and some others are making their own "chip plans" (Nov 2021). The shortages are resulting in makers concentrating available chips into only the high-end models, stilll having to strip features at times. Computers and other electronics are affected too.
Update - Security is a forgotten concern as new cars are computer networks on wheels. Hacking them is a rapidly rising pasttime. One professional security person has said thay can "unlock and start" any late model Ford.
Update - VW Group (VW, Audi, Porsche, etc) created a separate subsidiary company to do software for them. The software does not work, morale is low, with resignations and in-fighting. Porsche and several others are in advanced talks with Apple…

All those big screens in modern cars - the manufacturers are just getting started, but they are a big problem in terms of driver attention. An article on Slate.com has more of the »story.

Some of you may recall the Club Night about tyre recycling, or the lack thereof. Here is an image of a field of tyres on fire in Malaysia.

Update June 2022 - tyre particulates are starting to be seen as worse pollution than exhaust fumes! That tyre wearing down goes somewhere. And the new torque-rich EVs are heavier on tyres…

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