Resources & History

Club documents, forms, straight line navigation guide - these and sometimes more can all be found right here.

Constitution & Rules

HVCCC Constitution 2024 (PDF 89.3KB)

HVCCC Club Policies 2019 (PDF 40.7KB)
2023 - a process has begun to review outdated Club documents.

Straight Line navigation

Straight Line navigation is a feature especially with the Birthday Run. It can be intimidating, but once you get it, it is a lot of fun!
Straight Line Guide (PDF 96.5KB)
Tulip Instructions (PDF 35.7KB)

Club History

The Hamilton Vintage & Classic Car Club was founded in a meeting on 3 September 1995 held at the home of George Hawkins. The club quickly grew to 100 memebers and was incorporated in 1997. Membership has fluctuated but almost always remained near that 100 mark. Quite some further growth has come in the past few years.

Quite early on a badge was established and metal ones were made for attaching to bumpers or grilles. These have changes though the years in design and supplier. Special badges were made for the 10th and 25th anniversaries.