03 Dec 2023 - Classics Breakfast and Boot Sale

With gloomy overcast skies and a weather forecast from hell it was little wonder the morning started very slowly with only a handful of cars arriving on site by the designated starting time of 8.00am.

Luckily the rain held off and as the morning progressed a steady stream of cars rolled in to make it another successful Classics Car Meet. Minis Waikato had a very nice line up of classic Minis on hand as they were heading out on a run afterwards.

There was very little in the way of boot sale activity but there again the threatening weather had deterred this part of proceedings. The Jukebox Diner car of the day was awarded to Brian Cook and his 1936 Chevy Sports Roaster IW1936 and runner up was awarded to Terry Caughley and his 1971 Wolseley 16/60 FR4146.

Classics Museum cash prizes went to Scott Wray's Hillman Super Minx RU8814 for for best Christmas decorated car. Andrew Post's nicely restored 1969 MM van FZ5343 and Steven Slainey with his very tidy 1964 Mini DA9039, the oldest Mini present on the day.

Another very successful Classics Car Meet.
Richard Moore, President HVCCC.

05 Nov 2023 - Classics Breakfast and Boot Sale

The sun eventually came out after the Waikato fog disappeared onto another dazzling array of vehicles. The cars looked a bit thin to start with, but they showed up in numbers as the sun peeked out. This month there was a very interesting selection of cars. There were the regulars, and then many cars, trucks and vans we had not seen before or only see occasionally. And so the prizes tended to drift to these more rarely seen vehicles - a van and two trucks. The Jukebox Diner was churning out coffees and their breakfast spread kept them full and busy all morning.

The Car of the Day went to Tony's 1926 Essex panelvan. This is an amazingly restored to original vehicle. It was brought back to life after sitting parked up for several years. It sailed though the VIN paperwork as Tony has a huge folder of documentation going back to day one!

Second prize was awarded to a big blue Bedford truck, which has been in the family since new. Now lovingly restored by Garry, it can carry on for more generations. The latest work on it was not for rust as you may expect, but replacing wooden frame parts because of borer.

Third prize went to a red Triumph Vitesse convertible owned by Jon and Marline. This car has been Jon's project for over a year now. It has come a long way from unregistered but mechanically sound to where it is almost as original.

A prize for the best Paint Job was awarded to Andrew's 1946 Ford pickup. The colours exactly match the best exemplars you can search up online for this model. Andrew bought this car from a builder in 1978 in Matamata as a flat deck before converting it.

Summer has brought out some lovely classics. A reminder that we will have the Classic Breakfast and Boot Sale next on December 3rd and again on January 7th. We hope to see you there.
David, Club Captain & Jan, webmaster

01 Oct 2023 - Classics Breakfast and Boot Sale

After a week of wild weather, a clear but crisp Sunday morning was a huge relief for car lovers. The day quickly brought over 80 classics out into the sunshine, along with a good crowd of owners and admirers all ready to chat, open up to discuss engines and enjoy a coffee. The Jukebox Diner was chock-full and running their ever-popular buffet breakfast. It was still buzzing with cars past 10am.

The HVCCC team had a hard time picking any prize winners from among the huge variety on display. We had a good chat with the owners of the winning cars which was interesting – we could have stayed engaged in the stories until sunset.

Car of the Day went to a 1937 Dodge MC van CZ6733, which has extensive wood framing and panels in the back and mounts for something unknown along the sides. It has been owned by Jeff Freeman since 1981 and back on the road the last 4 years.

Runner-up was awarded to Andrew Post’s 1969 Morris 1000 van FZ5343 in bright blue – maybe October is van month? Andrew has owned it for about a year and the car is beautifully restored.

A short search found a winner for the Longest Car - at 21 feet, Ian Bradshaw’s 1958 Cadillac Fleetwood CY8769 easily out-measured the competition! The plentiful rear area was a lounge for the 15 year old dog who enjoyed a good nap.

In looking for the Youngest Classics Owner, who turned out to be Hayden Mead with his 2000 Holden GX ZN9643, we discovered Emma Bradley who owns a beautiful 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass GH1194, and so won an award for Lady Classic Owner.

Thank you to all who came out and all those who worked in the background to make this event run smoothly. The next Classic Breakfast and Boot Sale is on 5 November, see you there.
Jan Kaluza, webmaster HVCCC

16 Sep 2023 - 28th Birthday Run and Lunch

A promisingly sunny day saw over 30 cars and 70 people on this year's Birthday Run. After detours and recalculations around road closures, we all gathered at The Old Forge in Te Aroha for a wonderful lunch. The food was exceptional and the company lively.

03 Sep 2023 - Classics Breakfast and Boot Sale

Hamilton's Classics Museum's September classic car meet, happening on the first Sunday of every month as usual, also fell on the first Sunday of spring which also happened to be Fathers' Day. With a beautiful fine morning as well as all the above it certainly added an extra bit of spice to the morning's proceedings.

The turnout of cars was exceptional, with a mixture of old and new classics and some familiar faces, but as is happening most months, there was a good turnout of first-time exhibitors. It never ceases to amaze me how many different cars turn up each month.

With Summer approaching and hopefully more fine weather ahead we can hope for even bigger and better turnouts in the months to come. The Jukebox Diner car of the day went to a very nice 1958 MG Magnette BL5079 and runner up for the day was awarded to a very original looking 1936 Chevy sports coupe IW1936.

The Classics Museum cash prizes were awarded to a modified 1939 Chevy Coupe OJ7421 and a 1960 LHD Ford Falcon GTZ257. Another very enjoyable meet at the Classics Museum.
Richard Moore, President HVCCC.

06 Aug 2023 - Club Night

Our guest for the evening was James from Drophead Dreams, an Auckland business that sprang from making his son a car bed. It grew and changed from there, today primarily focussed around plastic silhouettes of well known and classic cars.

The business has its presence primarily on »Facebook. More information will be in the magazine (Sept issue). The evening ended with brisk buying offering Minis, VW, and even the Ford Anglia - one instant "SOLD!"

06 Aug 2023 - Classics Breakfast and Boot Sale

The early morning sunshine developed into an absolute booma morning weatherwise and also helped to create an absolute booma turnout of cars. By 9:15 the car park was packed to overflowing with classics old and new with many makes and variants on display.

One of the more interesting cars on display was a 1976/2023 Ford Escort RS2000, newly imported from » Wales where they are being remade using new body shells and parts. The Classics Boot sale also had a good turn out of sellers and the JukeBox Diner's hot coffee and buffet breakfast was well received on a cool morning.

The JukeBox Diner prize for car of the day went to Richard Way's newly restored 1962 Land Rover DPL718. 2nd place was awarded to Daryl Wheeler for his very original looking 1969 HT Holden Premier EE5574. Daryl's Grandfather bought the car new in 1969 so the car has been in one family all its life.

Classics Museums cash prizes were awarded as follows - 3rd placed classic went to Allan Fretwell for his 1976/2023 Ford Escort RS2000 JDJ137. Youngest Classic owner was Hayden Mead with a Holden Commodore. Furthest traveled was Leo Martin from Te Awamutu, and a lady classic owner Kiriana driving a Ford Mustang, her choice of car due to her father's influence.

Probably one of the largest displays, if not the largest we have ever had. A very interesting and enjoyable event.
Richard Moore President HVCCC

02 Jul 2023 - Classics Breakfast and Boot Sale

Heavy overnight rain and threatening skies made for a slow start to the morning's meet, but as the morning progressed and the weather cleared, the cars started rolling in.

By mid-morning the car park was filled with a mixture of old and new classics. The Classics Boot sale was almost non-existent due to the threatening weather, but the JukeBox Diner was doing a steady trade with the Buffet breakfast and hot coffee.

The JukeBox Diner award for the winning car went to a nice original looking red Triumph Vitesse owned by Jon and Marlene Robbens of Hamilton. The second prize from the Diner went to a very original 1957 Humber 80 BY7841 owned by Bret Dixon. The Classics Museum's cash prizes were awarded as follows: 3rd place to a 1985 Escort Turbo RS OL1629 owned by John Hardy. Furthest travelled prize went to a couple from Puriri driving a red Mini and shortest time owner of a classic went to Keith Clausen for his just-acquired VW 1302s.

Another very interesting and enjoyable Classics Car Meet.
Richard Moore - President HVCCC