From sew-on jacket badges and lapel badges to car bumper badges, there is a wide array of Club Gear to declare your membership. To buy any of these items please see Janet Chalklen at any Club event. She usually has a selection of items at hand.
Only pens and decals remain of the 25th merchandise. All other items are sold out.

Name badges: your first badge when you join the Club is free. Replacement or additional badges are $10 each.

Regular Club Merchandise

Bumper Badge
$35 ea

Decal Sticker
$3.50 ea

Jacket Badge
$15 ea

Lapel Badge
$8 ea

Fleecy Vest [M/L/XL/XXL]
$45 ea

Polo Shirts [S/M/L/XL]
$42 ea

Caps (new, embroidered)
$18 ea

Window Signs (A4)
[A4 card]
$6.50 ea

25th Birthday Club Merchandise

Decal Sticker
$3.50 ea

Pens (red/blue/black/grey)
$3 ea