04 Jun 2023 - Classics Breakfast and Boot Sale

The Sunday morning dawned fine with light fog in places and the threat of rain to follow. The rain mostly stayed away and the Classic Cars rolled along in large numbers throughout the morning. By 9:30 the Classics Museum car park was looking really full with old and new Classics of all eras lined up together.

The JukeBox Diner was doing a brisk trade with their $20 Buffet breakfast and hot coffees to keep the punters warm and fed on a cool morning.

The JukeBox Diner car of the day was awarded to a very nice 1930 Model A Roadster 19304D and runner-up went to a 1962 Oldsmobile OLDS62. The Classics Museum's cash prizes were awarded as to a 1950 Humber Hawk AF2990 and a 1952 Hillman Minx MHH551. A gentleman from Auckland driving a 1973 Triumph Stag LF9511 collected the prize for furthest travelled.

Another very enjoyable classic car meet.
Richard Moore - President HVCCC

20 May 2023 - Club Run to Raglan

The best laid plans of mice and men… when the original outing down to Kawhia unraveled, Allan put together a "Getting to Know You" run over to Raglan, complete with enough parking and a covered area for our picnics if it rained. And it… rained. Raglan was to be right in the line of a nasty storm, so the whole run was cancelled at the last minute for your safety.
The picture is of a rather empty Whatawhata Road heading out of Hamilton, and a wind map image from just after noon (nullschool.net).

07 May 2023 - Classics Breakfast and Boot Sale

Cars are not cricket, so a bit of rain did not stop play. It did dampen the boot sales which mostly closed up when the sky opened. The morning saw a good turnout of more than 40 classic cars, quite a few falling into the category of "you don't see one of those every day." The Diner and their buffet breakfast proved to be quite popular, people preferring to sit warm and dry inside. The Museum was opened up for free entry. With such a great variety of classic vehicles, selecting the winners was not an easy task.
The prizes were awarded as follows: Car of the Day went to a red 1960 Chevrolet Impala, with Runner-up awarded to a tidy Series I Landrover from 1958 in a dark blue. A special prize went to a blue Holden Commodore so freshly back on the road that the paperwork is still in the mail!
The next Breakfast will be on 4 June on the King's Birthday weekend.

23 Apr 2023 - The 10th Annual Swap Meet

An overcast and fortunately rainless day, but the rain of preceding days dampened the number of people at the gates. The area was filled up with a good number of stalls, selling a miscellany of items from automotive to related to interesting. Thanks again to ATC and the Mini Club for their help, and all Club members who pitched in to make the Swap Meet the success it is.

16 Apr 2023 - Countryside Run

Quite a good turnout for about a 100km countryside run along some winding backroads. The meanderings were a relaxed way to just drive the cars without too much other traffic, ending in Matamata where people branched off into the busy crowds and made lunch plans of their own or in smaller groups.

02 Apr 2023 - Classics Breakfast and Boot Sale

Another great turn out of classics for the monthly Hamilton Classics Museum event. The morning got off to a slow start with thick fog but as the day progressed more cars rolled in, the fog lifted and the sun came through.
The JukeBox Diner 1st and 2nd prizes went to: 1st place a 1954 Mk1 Zephyr BAK567 and 2nd to a Mk1 Cortina GT. EK4678. The Classics Museum cash prizes were awarded to a 1981 Austin Mini KE674 and the Hard Luck prize went to a young member with a nice Hillman Hunter. GJ1211. Apparently the diff blew apart after picking up the car from Auckland. The the Furthest Traveled award went to a gentleman from the UK.
Richard Moore - President HVCCC

05 Mar 2023 - Classics Breakfast and Boot Sale

A fine morning was just the ticket for the March Classics Car Meet to hopefully bring the classics out&hellip' and bring them out it certainly did. A steady stream of cars rolled in as the morning progressed, with some rare examples among them. Overall the turnout was in excess of 80+ vehicles with a good cross section of older and some newer classics. There were still cars rolling in after the advertised 10am finish time!
The boot sale numbers were down on other meets with just a few punters trying their luck. The Juke Box Diner, now under New Management, was doing a brisk trade with their buffet breakfast and hot coffee.
The Juke Box Diner car of the day Prize went to a 1913 Maxwell I1913I and the runner up car was awarded to a 1928 Essex. PPR307. Classics Museum cash prizes were awarded as follows: a 1964 Mustang 64NHLF and a 1939 Hudson. MRLOCO.Furthest away prize went to a gentleman from Tokaroa and the first time attendance at the meet went to a young man from Hamilton driving a Holden.
Another very successful monthly gathering of the classic car fraternity with a good number of public enjoying the cars and coffee.
Richard Moore, President HVCCC

05 Feb 2023 - Classics Breakfast and Boot Sale

The first Classics meet of the new year and a new proprietor of the Jukebox Diner, who kindly provided the prizes for the 1st & 2nd placed cars along with providing the ever popular buffet breakfast (and the wait for coffee's was much improved!!).
Great to see some "new to the meet" vehicles, even a retired fire engine. Car of the day was awarded to Richard Hobbis' Morris Traveler "GT" with a Rover K series transplant under the bonnet. Maybe not one for the purists but at least keeping it in the family and making a much more practical everyday car. 2nd prize was awarded to Brendan Purcell's Morris 8 - did someone say it was "Morris day?"
Furthest travelled went to a couple down from Auckland with their bright orange 38 Chev coupe and Club Captain's oddball prize of the day "Longest car on display", and accurately measured by his pacing(!!), was split between Wayne Powell's Chev Impala and a Chev Silverado.
Thanks to all that came out and let's do it all again 5th March.

15 Jan 2023 - Picnic Run

A good few folks rolled out on a perfectly beautiful day, meeting at the Museum from 10-ish for an 11am start. An easy, short run followed, out to Lake Kainui past Horsham Downs. A leisurely lunch unfolded amongst all the classic cars dotted around the edge of the lake. When all the eating, talking and visiting were done, people ambled homeward from about 2pm.