06 Jun 2021 - Classics Breakfast and Boot Sale

At first it seemed the dreary grey morning and public holiday would keep the numbers small, but over 50 cars came to show, plus a good few moderns there to spectate. The Porsche owners from Auckland put in a strong show, forming a row of 911’s with several more cars dotted about the parking lot.
Some of the more notable cars were a Honda NSX, a bright Audi TT, a Pontiac Solstice, 007’s Aston Martin, a Lotus and a very rare De Lorean. There was the usual selection of Minis and interesting cars like the Scimitar, a Lancia and a Renault Floride. Some American big-blocks rolled in around 9am. This was one morning that if you missed it, you really missed something special.
One MG owner encountered problems – stemming from a newly replaced part. The boot sale section was busy as was the Diner. Car of the Day was awarded to the De Lorean with a consolation 2nd to a Hillman Hunter station wagon. Furthest Travelled was awarded to the Porsche guys who got some vouchers to the Museum.

02 May 2021 - Classics Breakfast and Boot Sale

A crisp fine morning in Hamilton greeted all who attended the Classics Car Meet and Breakfast at Classics Museum/JukeBox Diners. The fine morning seemed to bring out a host of classic cars, many of which had not made an appearance before at this meet. There was everything from Aston Martin and Bentleys to Vauxhall Vivas and everything in between.
The JukeBox Diner Car of the Day prize was awarded to a very rare 1972 Opel Rekord Coupe, HB7554 and the runner-up cash prize from the Classics Museum went to an equally rare 1975 Chevy Vega coupe, 75VEGA. Third place went to a very nice modified Morris Minor, EPK696, with a Datsun motor and uprated running gear. The Furthest Traveled prize went to some folks from Rotorua. The fine morning also saw a lot of activity in the Classics Boot Sale area and the cool morning saw the JukeBox Dinners Buffet Breakfast and coffees going down very well.
Another very enjoyable event.
Richard Moore, President HVCCC.

26 Apr 2021 - ANZAC Day outing to Hampton Downs

Some rain was around but did not affect the outing for this run up to the Caffeine & Gasoline at Hampton Downs. This was in conjunction with the Auckland Triumph Club who showed up with a variety of models. The parking lot was filled with all sorts of big block, super sportscars, souped-up engines and paintjobs.
The McLaren Collection was open to us for a gold coin donation. It is well worth the visit even at the normal $10 rate. The cafe area was very busy and the track was open in sessions to those that prebooked. You went through a briefing and then got 3 laps, everyone following the pace car.

18 Apr 2021 - 8th Annual Swap Meet

The weather held and was perfect, apart from it being a bit freezing just around sunrise. Sellers and buyers poured into the Classics Car Museum grounds. Many people left with literal armloads of items they had found, often returning for more. Allan kept up a live commentary, broken up with some live music in the last hour or two.
Thank you to all the Club members who pitched in and did their bit. Also a big thank you to the Air Force Cadets who helped with parking, and sadly had to deal with some bad apples.

04 Apr 2021 - Classics Breakfast and Boot Sale

A foggy morning greeted participants in April's Classics Car Meet & Boot Sale and Breakfast, but as the morning progressed the fog lifted and the sun came out.
Considering it was in the middle of the Easter long weekend there was a fantastic turnout of classic machinery from vintage to moderns on display and when the sun came out so did the people. The public were out enjoying the cars and the sunshine.
The Classics Boot Sale was also in evidence with a few bargains changing hands and the JukeBox Diner was doing a roaring trade with its Buffet Breakfast and coffee.
The JukeBox Diner car of the day was awarded to a very nice 1946 Ford Coupe NHP 231. Classics Museum cash prizes were awarded as follows: runner-up car of the day was a 1959 Ford Thunderbird KMU660. In 3rd place was a nicely restored 1968 Renault Floride JSYNZ. The furthest travelled prize went to a gentleman from Auckland who was driving a 1968 Holden Premier.
Another very enjoyable Classics Car Meet.
Richard Moore President HVCCC

07 Mar 2021 - Classics Breakfast and Boot Sale

The March Classics Car Meet and Boot Sale at the Classics Museum in Frankton got off to a slow start. The overnight rain and threatening weather forecast as well as the aftermath of Covid restrictions obviously put some not so keen punters off. However those who did front up were treated to a nice fine morning with a great selection of classics to view. Even with the numbers being lower than usual there was still a varied selection of makes and models on view. The boot sale vendor numbers were also down but again a great range of automotive and related items was up for grabs. The JukeBox Diner's breakfast and coffee were also selling well.
The JukeBox Diner Car of the Day was awarded to a very nice 1954 Sunbeam Talbot (BP4554). Classics Museum cash prizes were awarded as follows: the runner-up Car of the Day was a 1962 Hillman Husky (EJG584). The Lady owner of a Classic Car was awarded to Deb in her Mini (IM BEB), and the Furthest Traveled award went to the owner of a white Mini who had Travelled from Matamata.
Richard Moore President HVCCC

21 Feb 2021 - Memorial Run

An excellent and challenging run, well organised by Graehame and Colleen. Two pages and 29 questions later we got together for lunch at the seaside in Kaiaua. From there, no questions, but some really out of the way unsealed routes took us to the Mangateparu Hall. All done by 3pm, and most folk got home to Hamilton by 4pm. Much car washing was in order and the run prizes were most appropriate.

07 Feb 2021 - Classics Breakfast and Boot Sale

The morning's activities got off to a slow start, probably due to the fact that being in the middle of a long weekend folks were hoping for a lie-in. However as the morning progressed there was a constant trickle of cars into the car park. By mid morning the number had grown to what was considered an above average turn out. As usual the monthly gathering covered a broad range of classic makes and models including a vintage fire engine.
The Classics Boot sale vendors numbers were also up on previous months with some reporting good sales. The JukeBox Diner was also well patronised with its buffet Breakfast and coffee. Another very successful Classics Car Meet at Classics Museum in Frankton.
The JukeBox Diner car of the day was awarded to a 1985 Mustang [85MUZY]. The Classics Museum's cash prizes were awarded as follows: Runner-up car was a 1967 Austin Mini [DH6349], 3rd place went to a very nicely presented 1980 Ford Falcon [5 PNT 8] and a prize for the youngest classic owner went to a young gentleman driving a 1952 Ford Prefect [ACD137].
Richard Moore President HVCCC

03 Jan 2021 - Classics Breakfast and Boot Sale

The first Sunday in January is traditionally when most people are on holiday or at the beach, but despite that and with the weather threatening, a large number turned out with their classics to put on display and enjoy one another's company. There was quite a variation of vehicles across the range from vintage and classic including Japanese through to American muscle.
Despite the number of Classic Boot Sale sellers being down on previous months, some vendors made good sales. The JukeBox Diner Buffet Breakfast went down a treat as did their coffee.
The JukeBox Diner $50 voucher for car of the day was awarded to a very nice black 1950 Ford convertible. The Classics Museum cash prize for runner up went to a very tidy 1971 Austin Mini Ute and a couple from Bunnythorpe received a cash prize for being the furthest travelled.
A great morning out and a great way to start the Classic Car year 2021.
Richard Moore President HVCCC